Thursday, January 12, 2006

I am reminded of "Risky Business"

In that movie, Joel (played by Tom Cruise), wants so much to succeed but is essentially afraid to take the chances necessary for success. He is afraid of getting burned. He wants the sure thing.

It doesn't exist.

His best friend tells him that, sometimes, to get what you want, you just have to put all your fears aside and say "What the Fuck!"

Joel eventually follows his friends advice and ends up on a roller coaster of near imminent disaster that ultimately takes him to a destination he is not entirely comfortable with. But would he do anything differently? Propably not, because where he ended up was still better than the fear that once dominated his life.

Being comfortable with the possibility of failure is one of the keys to success. Because fear is the greatest killer of ambition and ambition is necessary to make a better life for yourself.

Sometimes you just got to say, "What the Fuck!"

(inspired by this post by Stirling Newberry)


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