Thursday, November 17, 2005

Don't let the GOP win this battle!

The Woodward revelations are being used by the GOP to blow a hole in Plamegate. Now some may say that it doesn't matter because this case is not being tried in the court of public opinion.


This offensive won't make any difference to Fitzgerald's case against Libby. But that isn't the GOP's concern right now. What is their concern is the falling approval ratings of both Bush and the party. That is where a "trial in the court of public opinion" matters and that is where this offensive is directed.

If the GOP can manage to spin Woodward's revelation as proof that that Fitzgerald's case is bunk then they can stop being on the defensive and go after those who are attacking them.

How do we counter this?

1) Knock down the offensive wherever it shows up and do so with ferocity. Do not allow them to distort the case in the slightest. Call them on the lies firmly and repeatedly.

2) Renew the attack by saying that this latest lie is just another in a repeated line of lies going back to the original justification for the invasion of Iraq. It is a "pattern of lies" that demonstrates that the Republican party has lost all claim to responsible leadership.

This is their battle of the Bulge.


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