Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Arrogance and Disconnect: A Bad Sign

Sherrod Brown comments on the anger generated by his decision to get back in the Ohio race:

Brown dismisses the controversy his decision has sparked as a "tempest in a teapot." He insists that "nobody recruited me to run against Paul Hackett." And though Hackett says Brown told him point-blank that he wasn't running, Brown maintains that he was simply wrestling with whether to run because of family considerations. "If your readers or others can't understand that, then so be it, but my family comes first," the congressman says. "Paul Hackett is a decent man, he served his country," he adds, "but no one is entitled to a Senate nomination."

Am I alone in finding these comments to be incredibly arrogant?

Look, I have no stake in either Hackett or Brown as the Dem nominee. I am from Oregon, not Ohio. Let Ohioans decide.

But Brown displays an incredible level of arrogance and disconnect with his "tempest in a teapot" comment. As he knows all to well, the decision to run for an office as high as U.S. Senator is not one to be made lightly. No doubt Paul Hackett has had to do a lot of serious thinking about this. For him to come to the decision to go for is not a small deal.

But now Brown comes out and acts all surprised that people are upset at the way he has handled this?

Give me a break Sherrod! If this is an example of your PR skills then I fear for Democratic prospects in Ohio if he is the nominee. I haven't seen cluelessness of this caliber since John Kerry told Democrats that it was time to "get over" the 2000 election.

I'll be the first to admit I don't know anything about Brown's liberal credentials. But his performance so far in this race leaves a lot to be desired.

No one is entitled to the nomination and that includes you Congressman Brown.

Update: Just in case it wasn't clear from the above, I am not taking sides in this fight. My natural sympathies are with Hackett because I know him better than Brown (this dustup is my first exposure to him). But I am from Oregon, not Ohio. Let Ohioans decide.

The truth is that neither side in this situation has demonstrated the maturity required.


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