Saturday, February 05, 2005

Be careful with your assumptions

Steve Gilliard brings us a story about a conflict between rural farmers and transplanted urban/suburbanites who seem to think that any open space is public space. Steve and commenters to his post express outrage at the arrogance of the transplants who don't understand that they are trampling all over someone's livelyhood. One of them even concludes that these transplants must be Bush voters.

I wouldn't be to sure about that.

These people are urban/suburban transplants. That means they moved from predominantly blue parts of the country to predominantly red parts. It is quite possible that they voted for Gore and Kerry in the last two elections. This article could just as easily have been picked up by the right side of the blogosphere as just another example of blue stater arrogancs vs. red stater down-home/living-of-the-land humbleness.

This ties nicely into my previous post about the different conceptions of "The Land" by rural and urban/suburban residents.

The point is that neither side has a monopoly on arrogance.


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