Thursday, February 03, 2005

TARGET: Joe Lieberman

Over on The DailyKOS, mixed in with the cheers for the overwhelming number of Democrats who voted against confirming Alberto Gonzalez is an understandable desire to make all of the five pro-torture Democrats suffer for their votes. I say it is understandable because I want these idiots to suffer as well. But we must think logically as well as emotionally. Losing one or two more Senate seats might not be that bad (we are already going to lose most of the votes over the next two years). But losing enough seats to give Bush a filibuster proof Senate is a high price to pay for such principles.

Which is why I think we should focus all of our efforts on making an example of one of these five. We need to put the fear of God back into these people.

The obvious choice is Joe Lieberman. He has given aid and comfort to the Republicans on multiple occasions. If there were a 10 strikes and your out rule he would have been carted off months ago.

Here's what I propose: we find, field and support an opponent for him in the primary. If that opponent wins, we work like hell to get that person into office. But, if that opponent loses, we make it clear that we will not support the re-election of Lieberman. Even if that means his seat will go to a Republican.

Bush already has a toady Senator in Lieberman. Who cares if that Senator has a D or an R after his name?


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