Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Hooray for us!

I was reading a few of the comments to AMERICAblog's post about the GOP caving on the DeLay rule and was surprised to find at least a few people suggesting that it was a bad thing that the Democrats managed to get the Republicans to back down. Why? Because now the Democrats won't be able to pound the Republicans over the head with their ethical hypocrisy.

People, people, people. The Democrat's won on this issue. We should be crowing about this. Be happy dammit! We stared DeLay in the eye and he blinked! Who cares if there were other outcomes that might have been even more damaging to the Republicans. Democrats and blogger activists were on the side of the angels in this fight and they won! We should take this as a positive sign for the future! We can use this as an example to future quavering Dems that actually acting like an opposition party can bring about positive results!


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