Monday, January 03, 2005

Evidence of Testicular Results

Tomorrow the House Republicans were prepared to pass changes that would have gutted the ethics rules that guide the House (many rules which were instituted as part of the Contract With America). Now comes word from the AP that they have suddenly back-tracked. Furthermore, they have apparently decided to do a "never-mind" on the DeLay rule (the change that was made in November that would have allowed DeLay to keep his leadership position if he were indicted).

Did the House Republicans suddenly realize that ethics mattered?

Yeah, right.

More likely they got word of the Democrats plans to put the Republicans on the hotseat by forcing a floor vote on the DeLay rule. Apparently Joe Hefley, the Republican outgoing chair of the ethics committee signed on to the plan, probably as a last "fuck you" to the leadership that removed him from his position. I bet you there were at least a few other Republicans who were also going to support the vote, enough for it to pass. If that had happened the Republican leadership would have really been embarrassed.

Who says that acting like an opposition party can't produce results?

(Josh Marshall has more)


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