Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Cracks in the foundation

Bush(Rove) is starting off his 2nd term by repeating a pattern I noticed in his first: flooding the field with a slew of policy proposals. First he talked about Social Security "Reform". Then he talked about Tort "Reform". Now he is talking about Immigration "Reform". I think this is a deliberate strategy on Bush(Rove)'s part. The idea is to put out so many radical proposals that the opposition can't focus on any one proposal for defeat. They instead divide their firepower and pretty much everything Bush wants gets through the gate.

Of course, this time he may find that he won't get as much support from his supposed allies. There is already a lot of talk about Republicans balking at Bush(Rove)'s SS package. Add to that the following rant from Kim du Toit:

Note to GWB: I think, Mr. President, you're going to find that people, and their elected representatives, consider tax relief for citizens to be a totally different proposition from giving amnesty to Mexican illegal aliens (who, it should be noted, don't generally pay taxes).

And if you think that I'm exaggerating, just wait until your much-vaunted "political capital" evaporates faster than a raindrop on a hot sidewalk, on this issue. French-kissing Sarah Brady at the U.N. would be an equivalent activity, in the "political stupidity" spectrum.

We need to end illegal immigration, not encourage it.

We shouldn't rely, of course, on Bush(Rove)'s backers falling apart. They have a habit of rallying around the man when push comes to shove. If it looks for a minute like Bush(Rove) might actually fail, I fully expect the naysayers to strangle their qualms and support him. Bush(Rove) has come to expect this as well because it has happened so many times in the past.


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