Monday, January 10, 2005

A cough, not a cancer, redux

In response to this post over on MyDD I want to repeat some points from previous posts. These points bear repeating because they must be buried into our hearts repeated with conviction.

When you get a cough does that mean you are dying?

When you get a flat does that mean your car is totaled?

Social Security's problems are more akin to a cough or a flat tire than they are to cancer or a cracked manifold.

If you went to a doctor with a cough and he recommended chemotherapy, you'd consider him a quack.

If you went to an auto dealer with a flat and they recommended replacing the engine, you'd consider them to be crooks.

Social Security is the most successful government program ever instituted and is as healthy today as it has ever been. Those who say differently are quacks and crooks.


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