Thursday, December 30, 2004

Right-Wing Safari

I've generally avoid most right-wing blogs because any time I have read them it has usually resulted in nothing but increased blood pressure. I've decided, as part of my effort to expand my horizons in the blogosphere, to start paying more attention. I won't be following most of them on a regular basis, but I will use the DAOU REPORT as a launch point for explorations into right-winger land.

This paid off already earlier today when I followed a link to an interesting post by Patrick Ruffini. While Patrick speaks from a different perspective than myself, he still offered some useful insights into what Republicans did right in 2004.

Maybe this won't be all that bad?

Of course, now I went and read a post by Adam Yoshida. The shorter version: All our present problems are because Bush didn't go far enough. On 9/11 he should have declared war on the evil that is Islam and dropped a few nukes on Afghanistan. No one would think we were wimps after that!

Ah well.


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