Wednesday, December 29, 2004

"It's my job to be impatient"

I like this Jan "don't be stingy" Egeland guy. He may have backtracked slightly from his initial comment, but his slap to the face of certain parties has resulted in the kind of action that needs to happen.

[Egeland] praised the rapid international response to the crisis, singling out the United States and Europe for their generosity.

Countries have contributed or pledged nearly $100 million in the first few days after the disaster “and it is going up,” Egeland told CNN. “It’s a massive, massive relief effort.”

But “it is sad that there has been a global decline in money available for foreign assistance and humanitarian assistance — and that happens in a growing world economy,” he added. “It’s my job to be impatient, I’ve seen too many starving children.”


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