Monday, November 22, 2004

Musings on the Democratic future

What I would like to see is a partnership between Dean and Kerry. Dean as head of the party organizational system, Kerry has head of the party legislative system, but both working with each other to coordinate efforts towards a single unified response to the Republican juggernaut. Dean has the grassroots strength and the proven fundraising skill, but is still lacking in the skills necessary to run the policy apparatus of government. Kerry has proven his fundraising prowess as well (albeit on the backs of former Deaners) and certainly understands the ins-and-outs of running the government from the inside, but he lacks the kind of grassroots organizational capability that Dean has demonstrated.

Dean also trumps Kerry when it comes to promoting the Democratic message.

A Dean and Kerry partnership would allow them to compensate for each others weaknesses. The only problem with such a partnership is that it would give neither of them a clear advantage going into the 2008 race. Such a partnership would require both of them to put party ahead of personal political ambition. I know Dean can do this, he has demonstrated as much during the general election. There is no more loyal Democrat alive today then Howard Dean.

I don't know yet whether Kerry is capable of similar selflessness. But I'd certainly like to see it.


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