Monday, November 22, 2004

Latest info on DNC chair

A commentator on the DailyKos (link) brings us this bit of reporting from 'The Hotline' (no direct link):

Looking For Clarity At The DNC?

Well, you may not find it via the results of The Hotline's exclusive non-scientific poll of DNC members, conducted 11/15-19.

  • Because of the fluid nature of this DNC Chair campaign, we were careful to start the survey with an open-ended question (i.e. sans candidates). Of the more than 150 DNC members who participated, just two candidates received double-digit support in the open-ended question: Howard Dean and Tom Vilsack, with Dean ahead 17 mentions to 11 for Vilsack.
  • In our 2nd question, we read a list of 12 names and, again, Dean and Vilsack were 1-2 with Dean garnering 45 mentions to Vilsack's 37.
  • Finally, in our 3rd question, we matched up Vilack and Dean in a 2-way and this is where the story changed. Vilsack led Dean 54-46.
While we caution from drawing too many conclusions from our survey (since another 250+ voters did not respond), the trend for Dean is certainly worth noting, i.e., there's clearly an "anybody but Dean" contingent in the party that can be coalesced.

This is deja vu all over again for those of us who went through the Democratic primary season. Dean once again leads in the individual candidate numbers. But on the sentiment of the leadership as a whole, there is still a tough, but not insurmountable opposition to the man.

I say not insurmountable because the fact that a maverick like Dean holds the individual candidate lead is significant. The desire for change in the party is not just at the grassroots level. We have a lot of allies within the leadership itself. I will continue to berate the leadership as long as it continues to demonstrate a feckless nature. But I will remain mindful of the fact that not everyone at the top of the Democratic party is opposed to change.


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