Thursday, November 18, 2004

Know your enemy

Paul Waldman:

Year after year, Democrats are amazed that the public thinks they're a bunch of wimps and Republicans are strong and manly. Perhaps if we come out in favor of missile defense, they think, people will change their minds. Perhaps if we vote for this war we all know is going to be a disaster, they'll see how much we care about Americans' security. Perhaps if we go hunting, they'll see we're real men.

Well here's an idea: perhaps the American people wouldn't think you were a bunch of wimps if you weren't such a bunch of wimps.

The amazing thing is that the Democrats are perfectly capable of playing hardball. They are quite capable of using rough tactics to undermine their opponents. Just ask Howard Dean.

Now if only they would turn their abilities on their real enemies.

It's long past time for the Democratic establishment to stop complaining when other Democrats call them wimps. Don't waste our time trying to argue that you aren't wimps. Prove that you aren't. Don't treat us as if we were the enemy. We aren't. Your real enemy is standing behind you, twisting that knife ever deeper in your back.


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