Saturday, November 13, 2004

Alberto Gonzalez is an honorable man

I had been concerned over the last couple of days that the Democrats were once again going to roll over in the face of the Alberto Gonzalez nomination for Attorney General. Despite the fact that the Gonzalez has so many marks against him there were reports that several prominent Democrats were talking about him as an acceptable alternative to the "lighting rod" that was John Ashcroft.

Perhaps my concerns were unfounded. Blog for America has a couple of quotes from Senators Kennedy and Leahy that suggest that they will be making an issue out of Abu Ghraib and Mr. Gonzalez's memo calling the Geneva Convention "quaint". But their comments are couched in the usual polite language of the Senate.

I don't know exactly what is going on, but it may be that the Democrats are taking an Antony's-eulogy-to-Caeser approach to the Gonzalez nomination. They praise him at first, in order to lull the Republicans into thinking that the Democrats are going to roll over once again. But they will hammer him anyway once then get him under oath.

At least I hope that is what they are doing.


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