Wednesday, November 10, 2004

The election is over! You can stop worrying now.

Homeland Security lowers threat level in financial sectors

Terrorist threat levels were lowered in the financial sectors of Washington, New York City and Northern New Jersey Nov. 10.

Threat levels were raised from elevated to high in these areas in August because of specific intelligence relating to five buildings in the three regions.

Since then, law enforcement has strengthened security around the buildings and locations, according to a Nov. 10 Homeland Security Department statement.

The department remains concerned about potential terrorist attacks despite lowering the threat levels, said Deputy Secretary James Loy.

“We are as concerned today as we were a month ago,” Loy said. “The whole notion of taking a deep breath and saying, ‘Wow, we got past this and now we’re OK for a while,’ is a very dangerous train of thought.”

Loy said, “That threat stream of general concern remains, but there is nothing out of the ordinary that we have read in the last weeks and months.”

Intelligence officials had unspecific information that the terrorists wanted to disrupt the country’s democratic process up until the Nov. 2 presidential election.

What? Me cynical?


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