Tuesday, October 26, 2004


Josh has more. This time a transcript of an interview with an MSNBC embed, Lai Ling Jew, who was part of the group that some claim said that the explosives were already gone by April 10th.

Amy Rorbach: Was there a search at all underway or was, did a search ensue for explosives once you got there during that 24-hour period?

Lai Ling Jew: No. There wasn't a search. The mission that the brigade had was to get to Baghdad. That was more of a pit stop there for us. And, you know, the searching, I mean certainly some of the soldiers head off on their own, looked through the bunkers just to look at the vast amount of ordnance lying around. But as far as we could tell, there was no move to secure the weapons, nothing to keep looters away. But there was – at that point the roads were shut off. So it would have been very difficult, I believe, for the looters to get there.

Josh chose to emphasize the first part of Jew's statement. But I think the second part is equally compelling since she says that she saw no attempt to secure the facility against looters. She throws in the comment that it would have been difficult for the looters to get there. But she can only report on what she saw in one 24 hour period. She doesn't know what happened after her group left.

This is the thrust of my previous post on this topic: did the administration, because of incompetent planning, fail to secure the facility and prevent the subsequent looting of those dangerous munitions?

Is this is another example of Bush's "catastrophic success"?


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