Friday, October 22, 2004

Awww, Puppies!

Atrios mentions that the audience of Crossfire laughed when they showed "Wolves". I'm not sure that's the kind of response the GOP expected to get. Apparently they claim that it tested really well several months back and they have held it back until now for maximum effectiveness.

Maybe they should have tested it again?

One of the commenters related that Paul Begala's response was "Awwww, puppies!". Looking at this screen shot (courtesy Campaign Extra) I can see what he means: they could have gone with several images of wolves to get the point across. But they chose to show a bunch of "puppies" lounging around on a grassy hillside. Not exactly the most threatening image.

I agree with Campaign Extra that the DNC's "Eagle" video was released remarkably fast and that they may have had warning about "Wolves" and were prepared.

BTW, I view myself as dumb for not noticing the "boy who cried wolf" angle. Did Bush really want to remind people of the biggest knock against him?


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