Thursday, October 14, 2004

Mary Cheney is a GOP distraction

I think it's obvious what's going on here with the whole Mary Cheney brou-ha-ha. The Republicans know that Bush really stuck his foot in it last night when he denied every downplaying his concern about finding bin Laden. They know that his comment and the video of him saying otherwise was going to be the main talking point on the news shows. So they need to create some kind of shit storm to distract attention away from Bush's fuckup.

The fact that their complaints against Kerry make no sense is besides the point. The point is that they need to eat up all the air time so that their candidate's stupidity doesn't get sufficient air time.

I can understand the outrage of many at the way the Republicans are playing this to the hilt, but we must not allow that to distract us from hitting them where it really hurts.


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