Friday, October 08, 2004

Bush campaign in trouble with the IOC again

Back in August the Bush campaign used the Olympics as a backdrop in a campaign ad (the context being that wasn't it great that Iraq and Afghanistan could participate as free countries?). The International Olympic Committee is very possessive of the Olympic name and asked the campaign to stop it. The Bushies, of course, refused.

Well, they are doing it again:

President Bush's campaign failed to respond Friday to a request from the U.S. Olympic Committee to shut down a John Kerry parody on its Web site that uses the word "Olympics."

The whimsical cartoon game, "John Kerry's Flip Flop Olympics," asks players to guess Kerry's stances on issues. A "judging panel" consisting of Howard Dean and Sens. Hillary Clinton and Ted Kennedy gives players a score based on their guesses.

USOC spokesman Darryl Seibel said the use of the word "Olympics" is barred under a federal law, the Ted Stevens Amateur Sports Act, that makes the USOC the only entity in the United States authorized to use Olympic marks and terms.

The rule with the Bushies is this: if they can get away with something once then it is okay for them to do it again and again.


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