Thursday, October 07, 2004

Laughable advice from Dick Morris.

Read this debate advise from Dick Morris to George Bush and see if you can spot the bad assumption on Dick's part (courtesy Political Wire):

Saying President Bush inflicted "massive damage" on his campaign during the last debate, Dick Morris says "the strategy required for coaching a president for a debate is the exact opposite of that you have to use to prep a challenger. Challengers need to learn as much as they can to prepare for all questions and become conversant with every area of policy. A president is already informed; the coach's job is to help him sift through what he knows and hone from it a coherent response to challenges from his adversary."

If you said "A President is already informed" then congratulations, you win the no-prize.

The problem with George W. Bush is that he isn't informed. His father was criticized for being out of touch with the feelings of the people of America. He was, but at least he understood what was going on.

His son doesn't understand and is probably seriously confused by all the negative reports he is hearing about his debate performance. He has been living in a bubble of yes-men and sycophants for the last four years (especially since 9/11) and, until he had to stand on equal ground with John Kerry, he probably has never seriously considered any of the criticism he has received over his term in office.

The idea that Bush is informed about what is going on in his administration is laughable. His people don't inform him because he doesn't want to know the details. He just wants to know where he can go to bask in the glory of his victories.

I pray to God that Bush is following Morris' advice.


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