Monday, September 27, 2004

A "davastating" Bush ad?

Political Wire says, "Even Democrats have to agree President Bush's new ad is devastating."

Well, yes, it could be devastating, if it were presented only in a vacuum. The Kerry campaign's response to it should be simple: put out an ad with the exact same format, the exact same music, but use video clips of George W. Bush vacillating all over the place with regard to the War On Terror and The War on Iraq.

Just a few quick suggestions for clips to use:

  1. Bush saying that he was going to get bin Laden, "dead or alive", followed a few months later with him saying he doesn't care about whether he is dead or alive.
  2. Bush saying that we have to win the war on terror, followed by him telling Matt Lauer that he doesn't think we can win it.

Tagline: "Who is George W. Bush to question the decisiveness of others when even he can't make up his mind what his priorities are?"


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