Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Air America Profitable?

Al Franken was talking this morning about Air Americas ratings and crowing about how his show was beating Bill O'Reilley, especially in the coveted 22-55 age bracket (note: I don't remember the exact years, but that's pretty close). Now, I understand why that group is coveted: they spend a lot more money than other groups and are thus more valuable when it comes to drawing in advertisers. That's good for the long-term success of Air America (and may finally put to rest the myth that liberal talk radio is unprofitable). But I did have one troubling thought: the younger age brackets are the least likely to vote.

In other words, O'Reilley may not be drawing in as much of the audience that would be profitable for advertisers, but he is drawing in more of the audience that would be profitable for politicians.

That could change over time, especially as a profitable model for liberal talk radio increases its total market share, but lets not get fooled into thinking that Air America is going to swing the election this year. AA is an investment for the future.


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