Monday, August 02, 2004

Defending The Taxman

Kevin Drum takes some time to thoughtfully analyze the idea of eliminating the income tax in light of recent stories about Republican proposals to eliminate the IRS.

It's nice that Kevin takes the time, but it is really quite beside the point. It is important that we not to get snookered into thinking this is a debate about Income Taxes vs. other kind of taxes. It is purely a political gesture designed to appeal to peoples gut feelings. "Get rid of the IRS? Fuck Yeah!" is the response they are hoping for from the public. The details of what that would mean are one of those much derided "nuances".

Regardless of what tax system we have, there would still need to be an agency responsible for collecting taxes (An IRS by another name would smell as foul). But that is a fact that would be lost in all the cheering while putting that taxman up against the wall.

No politician wants to be seen as defending the IRS, yet that is precisely the spin that will be put on any argument against this proposal.

It is stupid policy, but it may be smart politics.


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