Saturday, July 17, 2004

I have questions

Something is bugging me about the story that the 9/11 commission is going to report that several of the hijackers had connections with Iran. Consider this: the 9/11 commission has no intelligence gathering operation of its own. It is solely dependent upon the product of other intelligence organizations (CIA, DOD, foreign services, etc.). Whatever it reports has to be based on information that is already available to those who should be able to do something about it.

The thing that bugs me is this: why is it only now that we are hearing about these connections between Iran and the hijackers? Didn't the CIA already know about these connections? Certainly the evidence suggests that Iran had much closer ties to al Qaeda and the hijackers than Saddam ever did. Yet, other than a brief inclusion of Iran in Bush's "Axis of Evil", there hasn't been that much talk about this. Instead, we have devoted a major portion of our offensive capability against Iraq. Was it all just a typo?

Why did it take the 9/11 commission to figure this out?



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