Wednesday, July 14, 2004

The soul of man

Music may be the most visible expression of popular sentiment in this or any other country. It speaks to us on a level beneath our conscious rationalizations and gives voice to feelings that we may not otherwise be comfortable expressing in ordinary conversation. This is especially true during times of national crisis (depression, war, etc.). Which is why the following Daily News article provides a fascinating insight into the underlying zeitgeist of the American public:

In the even broader picture, Sean Ross of Edison Media Research says that over the last 15 months, songs addressing the Iraqi war on the radio have shifted dramatically from endorsing it to questioning it.


But Ross also says he's noticed a dramatic turnaround among songs of all genres that address the war.

"When I started taping war songs 15 months ago," he says, "at least three-quarters were pro-war or pro-soldier, though the latter weren't always the former.

"Now, it's at least 75% against the war - and even the country songs, which tend to support it, seem more reflective."

(link courtesy AMERICAblog).


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