Friday, June 04, 2004

Is Michael Moore an asshole?

This appears to be a perennial conversation topic whenever Michael Moore's name gets back in the news. Even people who admire his work have their fair share of stories about what an asshole he is. I have no personal experience of Michael Moore myself, so I can't speak specifically to his situation, but it's been my experience that most people who achieve a certain measure of success usually leave behind them a trail of such stories. I think this is caused by a combination of things:

  1. The person really is an asshole
  2. Being an asshole sometimes gives you a leg up when it comes to getting something done (assholes don't let things like lack of self-confidence get in their way), thus successful people are just more assholish then the general public.
  3. The person has to deal with a lot of other assholes on their way up and those assholes that are left behind just love to bitch about what an asshole the other guy is.
  4. Many people derive pleasure from hearing negative stories about successful people, perhaps because it makes them feel better about their own sad, pathetic little lives.

I think all of these factors should be considered when assessing these kind of stories.


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