Thursday, June 03, 2004

Strangeness in the Rose Garden

Salon's War Room points out the bizarre nature of Bush's announcement of George Tenet's resignation:

"He had just addressed reporters and photographers in a fairly innocuous Rose Garden session with Australia's prime minister, John Howard. Then the session was adjourned, as Mr. Bush apparently prepared to depart for nearby Andrews Air Force Base and his flight to Europe, where he is to take part in ceremonies marking the 60th anniversary of the Normady invasion and meet European leaders -- some of whom have been sharply critical of the campaign in Iraq."

"But minutes later, Mr. Bush reappeared on the sun-drenched White House lawn, stunning listeners with the news of Mr. Tenet's resignation, which the president said would be effective in mid-July. Until then, Mr. Bush said, the C.I.A.'s deputy director, John McLaughlin, will be acting director. The president praised Mr. Tenet's qualities as a public servant, saying: 'He's strong. He's resolute. He's served his nation as the director for seven years. He has been a strong and able leader at the agency. He's been a, he's been a strong leader in the war on terror, and I will miss him.' Then Mr. Bush walked away, declining to take questions or offer any insight into what Mr. Tenet's personal reasons might be."

There are two explanations I can think of:

  1. Bush only learned of the resignation in the minutes between the two appearances, or
  2. Bush was supposed to mention it in the first appearance but simply forgot.


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