Wednesday, May 19, 2004


Why should this be a surprise?

White House Is Trumpeting Programs It Tried to Cut

WASHINGTON, May 18 — Like many of its predecessors, the Bush White House has used the machinery of government to promote the re-election of the president by awarding federal grants to strategically important states. But in a twist this election season, many administration officials are taking credit for spreading largess through programs that President Bush tried to eliminate or to cut sharply.

After all, this administration is led by a man who, during the 2000 campaign, took credit for a Texas Patient's Bill of Rights that he tried to kill..

By the way, while searching for the above link I found this April 5th, 2004 New York Times article describing how the Bush Justice Department asked the Supreme Court to block lawsuits under the very Texas law Bush took credit for.

As I said, why should this be a surprise to anyone?


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