Monday, May 17, 2004

Kerry/McCain (sigh)

The Kerry/McCain stories are making the rounds of the blogosphere again (Kevin Drum, Matt Yglesias, Atrios and Mark Kleiman all offer their opinions). I've already offered my opinion on this before and I want to repeat it: it is one of the stupidest ideas I have ever heard.

First of all, floating the idea that a Democratic nominee has to go to the Republican party to find an acceptable veep just feeds into the false impression that the Democrats are weak. After all, if the Democrats were strong they wouldn't need to go to the other party to find a partner for their nominee. 

Second, it's not going to happen, so speculation about the idea just builds up some people's hopes, only to have them inevitably dashed. This will, in turn, lead to disappointment at whatever choice Kerry does eventually make. 

Third, McCain is a great guy, a man of honor, blah blah blah. But he is still a Republican and a strong supporter of George W. Bush! Yearning for him on a ticket with Kerry just feeds into the idea that the only thing the Democrats have to offer the country is George Bush's program, but done right this time.

Sorry, the Democrats need to offer an alternative to Bush, not just a more sensible Bush.

I really really REALLY  wish people would just shut up about this idea.

Frankly, the mere discussion just makes me embarrassed to be a Democrat.


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