Friday, April 30, 2004

More on the problem

In reference to the previous post, read the latest from Paul Krugman. He is similarly flummoxed about how to get ourselves out of this mess without disastrous results.

I used to say that, while I want Bush out, I didn't envy the clean up job that will be left for the guy who will replace him (back then I hoped it would be Dean, now Kerry). Now I'm even more concerned. If my gut feeling is right that there is no solution to this problem that doesn't result in humiliation on our part, then I find myself conflicted about Kerry becoming president.


Because the situation, while it might get bad enough before November to result in Bush's ouster, it may not go into total meltdown until Kerry takes the oath.

And the GOP will be ready the next day with the talking points about how it is Kerry who is responsible for the mess.

And in 2008 they will to use that argument to replace Kerry with Jeb.

And then the whole bloody cycle will repeat itself all over again!


Note: I am not saying we shouldn't replace Bush with Kerry. I just don't have much faith that he will make the situation better. At best my  hope is that he can stop it from getting worse, which it will if we have another four years of Bush. But you can bet the right-wing will be prepared on the day after the election to blame everything that goes wrong from that point on on


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