Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Salon jumping back into the fire?

Salon has opened a new Washington D.C. bureau headed by Sidney Blumenthal. The first story of this new effort is "The New Pentagon Papers". Despite the obvious hype quotient in a title like that, here's hoping that this new effort puts Salon back on the map as far as investigative reporting goes. Back in 1998 they lead the way in questioning the media-riot during the Lewinsky scandal. Since then, due to lack of resources and perhaps feeling a bit burned by some of the criticism they received, Salon has been much more reserved in its political reporting.

The choice of Blumenthal is, of course, provocative considering his well known reputation as a Clinton booster. By picking him it appears that Salon has decided to become the Washington Times equivalent for the Democrats.

Fine with me. But who is their Rev. Moon?

Update: Forgot to mention that Salon is also partnering with Air America, the new "liberal" talk radio network featuring Al Frank (I think this is their web site), and Rolling Stone.


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