Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Rapid Response Lives

One of the better by-products of the Dean campaign was the coordinated efforts by some Dean supporters to deal with the problem of media distortions and attacks on their candidate. The epitomy of this effort was the Dean Rapid Response Network. The DRRN provided daily alerts on media atrocities and semi-atrocities and supplied suggested actions that supporters could take to counter those stories. It didn't always succeed (the propagation of the Dean Scream was so fast that they simply couldn't keep up), but they managed to get at least a few journalists and editors to think twice before going with the press releases of Dean opponents. But, as they say:

The problem with the media, however, didn't develop in one election cycle nor, it seems, will it be solved in one either. So, Rapid Response is staying put. We are determined to keep this force of ordinary citizens alive as one enduring legacy of the Dean campaign. And we are determined to work toward the goals Governor Dean will outline on March 18.

Fortunately, it looks like the DRRN is planning to continue their efforts even though Dean is no longer in the race.

Rapid Response will not go away after the Democratic Convention in Boston or the Republican Convention in New York. We will not go away after November's election or January's swearing in. We will not go away in 2004 or 2008. We're here until the Fourth Estate re-learns how to do its job.

I urge everyone to support their efforts, regardless of who you originally supported in this campaign.


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