Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Kerry gaffes

Apparently the Boston Globe reporter who reported that John Kerry said, "I've met foreign leaders" who told him that he needs to beat Bush is now saying that he mistranscribed the comment and that Kerry actually said more not foreign.

Okay, that's a screw up on the reporters part, but it really doesn't change the content of Kerry's comment all that much. Exactly what kind of leaders was Kerry referring to but foreign leaders? The reporters mea-culpa really doesn't excuse the sloppy comment from Kerry. Even if he has been hearing such comments from "many" leaders it was still politically stupid to say so (for reasons I have explained before).

This just proves to me that Howard Dean was no more a loose cannon than Kerry. It's just that Dean's comments stepped on a few Democrats toes as well as stomping all over Bush's and that created to many enemies of the wrong people for him to be a viable leader of the party.


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