Monday, March 15, 2004

Quit it!

I'm detecting a little to much glee in the comments section of several prominent blogs of late. The bloggers themselves are being more responsible in their analysis of the election so far, but far to many are already starting to say things like "Bush is toast" and "Kerry has this in the bag".

Shut up!

This election isn't even close to being "in the bag" nor is Bush anything beyond the mildly warm stage yet. We should run this race from now until November as if we are 10 points behind in the polls. Even if polls come out showing us up 20 points over Bush.

If any of you catch yourselves feeling the least bit confident just think "Howard Dean in mid-December 2003" and go out and work that much harder.

Bush mustn't just be defeated. He must be destroyed! No mercy!

That is all.


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