Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Republicans aren't at all afraid of Dean

Courtesy the official Dean blog:

RNC Chair Travels To Vermont To Attack Dean

BURLINGTON--In another sign of just how unconcerned the Republican National Committee (RNC) is with Governor Dean, the RNC's chair, Ed Gillespie, will travel to Vermont today to preemptively attack a candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination.

In the keynote speech at the Vermont GOP's 45th Annual Fall Dinner, Gillespie will underscore how the RNC is not at all afraid to put its special interest-funded President up against the greatest grassroots campaign that presidential politics has ever seen.

While in Vermont, Gillespie is expected to study how Governor Dean managed to balance 11 budgets in a row while providing health care to nearly every child and preserving the environment—accomplishments President Bush has been unable to achieve as president or governor.

"We're pleased that Ed is coming to Vermont to learn about Governor Dean’s record of balancing budgets and providing quality health care," Campaign Manager Joe Trippi said. "Ed's political trip to Vermont to attack Governor Dean in his home state makes it abundantly clear that the Bush campaign is not at all concerned by the governor's message of taking our country back."

Ha! Now that's what I call pre-emptive self-defense!


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