Monday, December 01, 2003

The anti-Bush campaign is working!

Ruy Teixeira points out something interesting in the latest NPR poll:

[...] what’ s interesting here is that they broke down the late May and current poll samples by those in states Bush won by 5 percent or more, those in swing states and those in states Gore won by 5 percent and more. This exercise shows that all of the move toward the Democrats over this period has been in swing states (from +19 for Bush to dead-even) and in Gore states (from dead-even to +13 for the Democrats). The Bush states haven’t budged (+22 for Bush in May, +23 for Bush today).

This is another manifestation of the polarizing nature of Bush. But what is significant about this is that the polarization is breaking down such that those who were on the fence about Bush in 2000 are generally leaning against the guy for 2004 while those who didn't like him in 2000 to begin with like him even less now.


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