Wednesday, December 03, 2003


Morgan Quinto State Awards for 2003

"Smartest State": Massachusetts
In second place: Vermont

"Rounding out the top five states with Massachusetts were Vermont, last year’s winner Connecticut, Montana, and New Jersey."

"Safest State": Vermont

"Louisiana once again is the nation’s most dangerous state. The announcement was made in Crime State Rankings 2003, an annual reference book published this month by Morgan Quitno Press, a Lawrence, Kansas-based independent research and publishing company. At the opposite end of the rankings scale, Vermont is the nation’s safest state, knocking off long-time winner North Dakota, which held the honor for six consecutive years."

"Healthiest State": Vermont

"Good health is a high priority in Vermont. For the third year in a row, Vermont has earned the title of the nation’s Healthiest State."


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