Wednesday, December 03, 2003

This is an effort I could certainly ... ... get behind

'Babes Against Bush' Campaign Launched - Pinup Girls Work to Defeat George Bush's Re-Election

ROYAL OAK, Mich., Dec. 3 /PRNewswire/ -- A new organization of southeastern Michigan women, known collectively as "Babes Against Bush," has formed for purposes of smashing George Bush's re-election hopes - and having some fun in the process.

Using the venerable, not-quite-politically-correct vehicle of the "pinup girl" as the medium for its message, Babes Against Bush has created a liberal-leaning campaign to promote political awareness in the most unlikely of audiences: men whose cultural tastes tend towards centerfolds and the swimsuit issues of sports magazines.

"We figured that this was a good, fun way to make people aware of the damage George Bush is doing to America," says Babes Against Bush's Eleanor Vast-Binder. "Guys like hot girls. So maybe they wouldn't mind getting the message from us."

The centerpiece of the group's efforts is a "Regime Change Countdown Calendar" which ticks off the days until Inauguration Day, 2005, when the group hopes Bush will be displaced by "an actual elected president." Accompanying thirteen full-color portraits of models in various states of provocative dress and undress is a chronology of Bush administration misdeeds, mistakes, and manglings of the truth.

"What better way is there to get guys to notice that the president is a bozo?" Vast-Binder (the January "Babe") asks rhetorically. "Pictures of the girls will get their attention - and they'll look long enough to read the fine print."

The calendar will be available via the group's web site, [WARNING: NOT WORK FRIENDLY]. The site will also boast free electronic greeting cards featuring alternate shots of the "babes" as well as links to dozens of other anti-Bush sites and a counter clicking off the days, hours, minutes, and seconds until inauguration day. The group will also make the calendar available by mail order and through select retail and online outlets. Besides furthering its own activities, the group is earmarking a portion of receipts to various grassroots anti-Bush efforts, as well as to environmental, women's rights, AIDS awareness, and other progressive organizations.

"The Bush administration embarked on a policy of regime change some time ago," Vast-Binder says. "We just think they chose the wrong country to do it in."

Journalists hoping to get a review copy of the calendar or obtain more information about Babes Against Bush are invited to email the group at, or call the group's press representative David B. Livingstone directly at 313-320-2820.

Written questions and correspondence can alternately be directed to OrwellMedia, P.O. Box 851, Royal Oak, MI 48068-0851 USA.



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