Wednesday, November 12, 2003

It's the petulance stupid

Now this is the kind of attack politics we need to see from Democrats

Statement by Governor Dean on Republican Filibuster

BURLINGTON-- Howard Dean released the following statement this afternoon:

"At 6:00pm tonight the Republicans are shutting down Congress. Congress has not delivered on countless promises to the American people and yet the Republicans are still preventing any and all business from getting done. The Republicans' reason for shutting down the Senate is that four, yes four of President Bush's extremist right-wing judges are not being confirmed.

"Three million people have lost their jobs and the Republicans are worried about jobs for four right-wing ideologues. Over 400 Americans have been killed in a needless war and the Republicans are worried about the well-being of these four right-wingers. We just sent $87 billion to Iraq that we could have used for healthcare, education and jobs here at home, and the Republicans are worried about these four judgeships.

"There is no better example of the broken system in Washington than this. With all that Congress should be doing, Washington politicians are shutting down Congress to argue over four judicial nominees.

"We need a change in Washington and we have the power to make that change. We can and we must take back Washington and take our country back."

Deans has, for the past several months, been developing the theme of petulant Republicans. I encourage him to continue with this. I think it is a winner.


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