Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Using Hillary to draw fire

There's an interesting memo by some Republican pollsters that warns the Republicans not to dismiss Dean. Beside their warnings, there's also this interesting passage:

Ironically, if he does get the nomination, Howard Dean’s biggest problem will be Bill and Hillary’s attempts to subvert his candidacy. They simply cannot afford to have another Democrat in the White House, in short, if Howard Dean is elected President, Hillary never will be. So, the Clinton’s will do whatever they must to make sure that doesn’t happen. So maybe Dean can’t win after all. But that’s another memo.

This demonstrates, once again, the Republican blind spot when it comes to the Clintons. The idea that the Clintons are behind some grand conspiracy to steal back power is a mainstay of their fundraising apparatus (nothing opens the wallets of the loons faster than whispering "President Hillary" in their ears).

Perhaps it is time for us to use this obsession to our advantage?

Think back to the planning of the D-Day invasion. Ike deliberately fed disinformation to the Nazis to make them think the invasion was going to be somewhere it wasn't. He then deliberately planned the invasion where it wasn't expected (Normandy's terrain was much more hostile).

What if during the general election we get Hillary to go out there and draw fire away from the nominee? Deliberately play to the right wing paranoia that she is really the one gunning to be in charge of it all. And then let the nominee sneak up behind them and catch them with their pants down!

It just might work.


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