Monday, November 10, 2003

Bad form

From ABC's The Note:

Shortly after Dean's raucous introduction, Kerry took a seat in the far rear of the room sitting at the last seat on the table. Never once clapping for his opponent's stump, Kerry listened casually in between scribbling notes for his upcoming speech.

When Dean concluded, he headed straight down the center of the crowd, nearing the exit and Kerry. As the anticipated "moment" inched handshake by handshake closer, the cameras gathered and pens poised over paper. Alas, as Dean reached Kerry's table, Kerry turned his back toward Dean and chatted with restaurant workers at the bar.

Shades of Edward Kennedy's refusal to shake Carter's hand at the Democratic convention in 1980. And we all know how much that helped Carter during the general election.

Kerry really needs to get over himself. He's not doing himself or his party any good by acting like a spoiled brat.


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