Thursday, October 23, 2003

(Not so) bold prediction: Lieberman will be the next to drop out

The bad news keeps coming for Lieberman. First he loses the polling lead in Arizona, now he loses it in New York. And both times to Howard Dean.

The latest Marist poll had Dean favored by 18 percent of New York Democrats in the race for the party's presidential nomination. Lieberman, the party's vice presidential candidate in 2000, was at 16 percent. They were followed by former General Wesley Clark (search) at 14 percent and Rep. Richard Gephardt (search) at 10 percent. The other Democratic contenders were all in single digits.

Just last month, pollsters from the Marist College institute in Poughkeepsie had Lieberman leading the pack at 23 percent with Dean next at 13 percent.


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