Friday, September 12, 2003

Truth Is Scarce

Charley Reese has some thoughts on the value of honesty in politicians:

Some years ago, I gave up interviewing politicians. They will not tell the truth. Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., in his official campaign-opening speech recently, is a perfect illustration of the politician's aversion to truth.

"I voted to allow the president to threaten the use of force," Kerry said, adding that it was the right decision.

That's a lie. Kerry did not vote to allow the president to threaten force. He voted to authorize the president to use force. Why couldn't he just say that and add, "In retrospect, that was a mistake." No, Kerry is not going to admit he made a mistake even though his campaign stance is the reverse of his earlier position.

That is so typical of today's politicians and is, I think, a leading cause of voter apathy. Most Americans don't expect politicians to be infallible and perfect, but they do have a right to expect that politicians will be honest.



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