Friday, September 19, 2003

Time for a Democratic Scare-O-Matic?

Tom, over at Thinking It Through, warns Democrats not to get to excited about the prospect of "creaming" George Bush next year:

Hold on folks. If the average American used their common sense and/or just voted his or her pocket book and/or wouldn't allow themselves to be frightened into voting a certain way, I'd agree. However, W and the boys use fear very effectively -- and they haven't really even warmed up the 2004 election year model of the "Scare-O-Matic" yet.

Perhaps it is time for the Democrats to roll out their own "Scare-O-Matic"?

First point out all the multitude of things that have gone wrong in this country and the world in the last three years.

And then ask the American people a simple question, "Can you afford to give George W. Bush another chance?"


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