Friday, September 26, 2003

Test Anxiety

Jack Beatty has a new column up at The Atlantic Online ("A Miserable Failure") that discusses what a re-election of Bush will say about America.

With one phrase Dick Gephardt has defined the issue to be decided next November. Can a "miserable failure" of a president win re-election? Bush's victory would testify to a civic failure more dangerous to the American future than any policies implemented or continued during a second Bush term. A majority would have demonstrated that democratic accountability is finished. That you can fail in everything and still be re-elected president.

The 2004 election isn't just a test of Bush or any of the candidates who will try and dethrone him. It is a test of all Americans and their ability to look beyond the Rove created image to see the real essence of the fraud in the Oval Office.

Will this country pass its mid-term? God I hope so.


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