Thursday, September 25, 2003

Beware of Drudges bearing steaming piles of Rovian bullshit

I've heard that Drudge is up with a whole mess of shit about Clark. Apparently he has quotes of Clark priasing Condi, Powell, Rumsfeld and Bush and saying "We need them there". I have not investigated this at all other than to confirm that he has some story up, but I would warn people who bite at this bait to keep The Pledge in mind before doing so.

It may well be that there are quotes from Clark out there in which he praised said individuals (praising Powell wouldn't surprise me in the bit). But what might not pass the smell test is the spin Drudge is putting on it.

Keep some important facts in mind:

  • This is coming from Matt Drudge.
  • It was released precisely at the moment when Clark took the stage at his first debate.
  • The Bushies are scared shitless about Clark. They may not be sure whether Dean could beat them, but they know Clark would have an even better chance.

As I have said before, Karl Rove would love nothing better than to get Democrats to turn the guns on their own instead of on Bush. He knows that the constant drumbeat of criticism from Dean, et. al is hurting Bush and he needs to distract our attention. What better way to do it than to sow seeds of doubt about one of our candidates?

Clark hasn't helped matters here with his ambivalent statements about his party affiliation. But that does not mean he is a closet Republican. I think it is clear that Clark does not like what Bush and his people have done to this country and he wants to change things. He may have once given Bush praise when he didn't fully appreciate how bad Dubya was (unfortunately, a lot of other Democrats did the same). But I think Clark gets it now and he is on our side.


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