Wednesday, September 24, 2003

A Republican hail mary?

Via Atrios comes this report from The Hill about the Republican's renewed effort to fix the economy before the 2004 elections.

“We’re going to put a package together and lay out what our economic plan is for the rest of the session,” said Senate Republican Conference Chairman Rick Santorum (R-Pa.).

Santorum said the package would include, “The energy bill, the highway bill, asbestos reform, class action reform, SBA [Small Business Administration] authorization, a whole laundry list of things.”

So, under the cover of saying they are going to do something about the economy, they are going to repackage all of Bush's pet projects into one bill and simply say that it will fix the problem.

Republicans say the bills in this package could generate more than four million jobs.
When asked about the Republican agenda for the rest of this session, a GOP aide said, “We’re going to do jobs, jobs and jobs. Jobs [are] the No. 1 issue.”

Isn't it interesting that they claim it will create four million jobs? No, the GOP is not worried about the fact that over three million have lost jobs since Bush came to power. They aren't worried about Democrats harping on the fact that Bush is on track to be the first President since Hoover to oversee a net loss in jobs.

Worried? Not one bit!


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