Friday, September 12, 2003

Dean tries to stay on top of the noise

Could this be the end of this dustup? I certainly hope so and not just because I am a Dean supporter. Karl Rove had to be cackling with glee that last few days. We should never give Karl something to be happy about.

Dean, Pelosi Find Agreement on Israel
Presidential Candidate Dean, Rep. Nancy Pelosi Find They Agree on U.S. Role in Middle East

WASHINGTON Sept. 12 — 
House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi and Democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean have cleared the air and decided they agree about the United States' role in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Dean, a former Vermont governor, called Pelosi Thursday after hearing that she had signed a letter objecting to his comment that the United States should "not take sides" in the Middle East dispute. Pelosi spokesman Brendan Daly said the two agreed that the United States should be an honest broker, but must remain committed to Israel's right to exist.

"She had a good conversation with him yesterday," Daly said. "We're pleased that he has clarified his position and stated his commitment to Israel's right to exist. This satisfies what we were looking for in our letter."


Dean said he would follow in President Clinton's footsteps and make every effort to bring peace to the region from his first day in office.

"I will not allow a split to emerge in our party on this critical issue, and I am sure you share my commitment to that goal," he wrote.

Dean also issued a press release on the latest attacks. I think he is trying to elevate the dialog and I applaud him for it. I wonder if the others will agree.



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