Friday, September 19, 2003

Clark's handlers are inept

The Note has a write-up on Clark's performance yesterday. Apparently his handlers let the sharks (the national political press) grill Clark for nearly 90 minutes on the plane to Florida and his political inexperience was evident to all.

Writes one Democrat with national political experience:

"I have read the accounts of the Clark interviews and my reaction is despair and anger. Why did my party's best operatives think it would be a good idea to subject their neophyte candidate to the country's savviest reporters for over an hour? Why have my party's elders rallied around a candidate who is so shockingly uninformed about core issues and his own positions? I am not a Dean supporter — but I am angry that our party's leaders have anointed an alternative to him who seems even more ignorant and unprepared — and that this supposed 'anti-war' candidate turns out to have been in favor of both the war resolution and Richard Nixon!! And let's not even talk about the Clintons. Today I am embarrassed to be a Democrat."

Someone on Table Talk suggested that Clark is the establishment Democrats' Arnold Schwarzenegger. I'm beginning to think they are right.


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